Established 2018

Apocalypse opened its doors in Niagara in January, 2018, and hired its first employees. The theme and name for the company was coined in November of 2017, at a conference in Rome with Denis Dyack’s good friend Tomonobu Itagaki (Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden) where they both discussed opening new studios. Itagaki-san also launched a new studio in Rome at this time.

About Denis Dyack

Denis is CEO and Founder of Apocalypse.

Denis was the founder and president of Silicon Knights, one of the world’s most successful independent developers, which operated for over 27 years and employed over 230 full-time people in Niagara. Denis created and led an unprecedented string of video game hits including Blood Omen: Legacy of KainEternal Darkness: Sanity’s RequiemMetal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and Too Human. Denis has worked with most of the major players in the industry including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega and many others. Denis has received countless industry and business awards and is Canadian Developers Hall of Fame inductee.

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Free-To-Play is a model that Apocalypse embraces because of the accessibility to the title allows for players to try the game and opt-in paying for things only if they want to. This open accessibility increases the player base and helps scale all of the other elements in the game.


Twitch Integration

Twitch has become the dominant platform in the world to watching gaming. It has significantly surpassed YouTube and other social media networking platforms. Not only is a great place promote your game but it has built-in hooks to allow for direct interaction between streamer and viewers.


Procedural Generation

Online games require that levels be played more than once to grind and level up. It is common today that a player will play a level many times and, in order to break up the monotony, adding elements of procedural generation is necessary to keep the game engaging for the player. The latest in procedural generation techniques will be used.


Community-Driven Design

Apocalypse strongly believes that Community-Driven Design is the future of game design. Our goal is not only to interact with our community and get feedback about the game, but to actively involve them in the design if they are interested.


Staged Releases

With Games as a Service model (GaaS), the original release of the game is only the beginning and additional releases are planned on three-month cycles to keep the game fresh and to continue to build interest.