Fight The Living

Deadhaus Sonata is a cooperative multiplayer, Free-To-Play Action RPG where you play the undead fighting the living.  An unstoppable force from Deadhaus, you are a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale. Launch enemies in the air and eviscerate them with elegant dance macabre. Consume your enemies to make yourself whole while exploring the grim world of Nogosaua.

Deadhaus Sonata™ development is leading on the PC and will support all major platforms.

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Apocalypse focuses exclusively on Free-To-Play (F2P) online multiplayer games with a “Games as a Service (GaaS)” approach. Apocalypse plans on exploring bold new landscapes and design games few would dare create. Apocalypse intends to scale up video game development in Niagara and making a significant impact on the marketplace as Denis did once before with Silicon Knights.

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Games as a Service Approach

Apocalypse focus is exclusively Free-To-Play (F2P) online multiplayer games with a “Games as a Service (GaaS)” approach. Meaning:


Community-Driven Game Design

Dedicated to working with the community directly to make games the best they can be.


Regular & Predictable Content Updates

Keeping players engaged through scalable and modular based design.


Narrative-Driven Experiences

Narrative-driven experiences incorporated directly into Twitch and other social media platforms.