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Newly Dead
Hey everyone! Ok so this is a popular topic on many boards that I've seen... might be fun here for people....


Maybe with a picture or not however preferred...

But yeah! Some thoughts so around a decade ago I'd say now I started focusing a bit on older games just for replaying and other reasons.. which I had always done.

I still of course am looking forward to the most current/recent games as well so that's also great to talk about those...

Er but yeah I'd like to dedicate this first post to this game because it is an RTS that basically created the MOBA genre and die did everythying Warcraft 3 did but a year learlier..

More or less the Lords of Everquest are the Lord class characters that level up and aRE MOre whoa caps my mistake haha, the lord class characters that are high level and do things ordinary units can't...

I honestly feel like WC3 was the result of people sitting around going.. hey whats SOE doing? Oh! Lets do that... because this game got seriously no press of any kind... kinda sad...

But yeah it's still worth playing today in my opinion, I don't think about voice acting as much as some people but apparently one of the characters is done by Claudia Black who also is famous for being Morrigan in Dragon Age and other things.

I think the graphics are also really great with cool animations and stuff...

Also sometimes i'm interested in learning about games that I didn't play that are really old... so I heard about this one via Retronauts I wonder if some older gamer people here have played them??

Anyway I basically got a tiny bit into this game which is again really old but it definitely seems like a classic!

Aaron Unger

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Jan 31, 2018
ATLAS. because I'm a filthy pirate. I love pirate games...even if they are bad.
Dec 11, 2018
I've been going in and out of Monster Hunter World. Grinding out monster parts mainly. I've had bad luck getting into lobbies with other people though, and if there are other people, they're starting out and can't do the end game stuff I'm doing.

Iain Stenhouse

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Jul 24, 2018
I've been primarily playing Warframe for the past half year or so, but still playing PUBG occasionally and even some Path of Exile.
I'm excited for the new Far Cry game though!


Newly Dead
Oct 24, 2018
I've been playing Neverwinter for a good while now and occasionally when my Internet is down I play Layers of Fear and I'm also trying to finish A Wonder, but that game kinda creeps me out even though it's not a big deal, so I play it bit by bit and very slowly.
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Mar 20, 2019
I kind of swore off all but single player games as part of a new years resolution. I just beat the new Devil May Cry. I am looking forward to Sekiro and the Medievil remake.

Purple Gryphon

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Feb 24, 2018
Finally got around to Hellblade and what a pleasure great story and short enough for me to beat it.

Also having fun with crackdown 3 really feels like the first one. Got to get all the orbs.


Newly Dead
Phew really busy but not too bad to pop in here again... glad to see the reponses!

I played a bit of Kirby Wii U honestly kind of a challenge! It's great to connect with Kirby again though.

(Here's hoping Deadhaus is coming along great!)