Seven Suns In Twilight


Mar 20, 2019
Our first taste of the lore has been out for a while and I'd like to share my interpretation of what it means. Let me know what you took away from the lore or if you have another interpretation.

There appears to be a back and forth going on behind the scenes on a cosmic scale that seems to happen with every age. On one side sits the Fetid Prince, an executor of the "outer gods" as he called them, and the other is a hooded leper, a servant of another higher power known as Islirith.

They seem to be playing for the right to dominion over this world, with the Fetid Prince and those he serves being the current rulers; but for a moment it appeared as though they've lost, with humanity as their chosen for this age failing and falling to the corruption of the leper's side. With this defeat, humanity and by extension the world they currently hold dominion over falls to the "Leper King" and Islirith.

The Fetid Prince, in an attempt to pull a chance for victory from certain defeat, introduces a new chosen by reanimating the dead to challenge the now fallen humanity for dominion on behalf of the outer gods, whether the dead even realise it or not.
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