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Aaron Unger

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Jan 31, 2018
Introducing the Forum Mods!


To all who have arisen, I bid welcome to join this most prolific group of devotees to the cause. As you embark upon the study of the Ancients and their meticulous plans, always remember that above all else, the guidance of his Grace, the almighty Lord Ch'sebur'gah , is to always be adhered to. For it is knowledge of the Ch'sebur'gah that will bring you closer to your eternal salvation, and becoming truly one with the Ancients.

I am but one lowly vassal to an ancient, but have honed my years studying the art of Horror, video games, and even the deadly sin of anime. The teachings from those creations blessed to us by Silicon Knights, from Blood Omen to Eternal Darkness and Too Human are what will be the engine that drives this momentous undertaking, and to be a small part of it will truly be a blessed honor.

So to succinctly sum it all up. "Tobi, or not "Tobi", for that is the question, whether it is who I am nor not, it is what it is


Sabrewing has been gaming since the Apple ][c and Atari 2600, is a big fan of Eternal Darkness and Legacy of Kain, and is eager to see what the creative minds here cook up! He enjoys acting, a good tea, and music of all kinds.


I'm a peaceful software dev during the day, but that is only a cover for my alter ego and online persona "derula." If I was a dog, I would be the all-bark, no-bite kind. I like video games, mostly the boring kind, you know... "walking simulators?" But every now and then, I do enjoy a game with good mechanics, such as Eternal Darkness, which I consider to be one of my favorite games of all time.

If, after all the software devving and video gaming, the night hasn't ended yet, you may find me in a hidden room in my basement, dripping red, hot wax onto coarse, cold stone, mumbling mysterious incantations, and performing other weird rituals in front of my Ch'sebur'gah shrine...

Lover of all things racing and automotive. My dream would be to become a professional racing driver. Playing games since I was 2 on an Atari 2600 (which I still have). Worshipper of all thing Too Human.... Still waiting for my Too Human sequel to load. Working on spoiling my children over to the dark side of gaming (the wife can't stand it) Very excited to be a part of this community. also an aspiring Voice Actor!

And last but certainly not least...

Using the darkest of magick, TheInfernalFangirl is responsible for summoning Lord Ch'sebur'gah to the material plane. She now serves as his High Priestess performing his sinister deeds and watching silently from the shadows till the time is nigh that he will cover the Earth in his fluffy orange darkness. When not doing the works of Lord Ch'sebur'gah she is usually working on her dissertation, playing RPGs, or creating memes of questionable quality to sing the praises of our fluffy overlord.

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High Priestess of Ch'sebur'gah
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Feb 21, 2018
New Mexico
Hello mods. Also is that a Cat Pargon Mouse Pargon Fish Pargon Pargon?
Or is it a fox?
It is indeed a Cat summon. It was my spell to summon the studio cat, Lord Ch'sebur'gah to the mortal plane. (Actually it was just me bored on my lunch break and making silly memes for the Discord.) :)


Herr Pfannkuchen
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Feb 21, 2018
It is indeed a Cat summon. It was my spell to summon the studio cat, Lord Ch'sebur'gah to the mortal plane.
And now he just sits in his Great Hall making suspicious noises and quoting Edgar Allan Poe. What have you done?!

...I mean, hello @Uru :D