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    A lot of info I've heard before, which is still fun to hear about. Very happy to see Denis address the Epic litigation, because I've been arguing to him that this is something people are concerned about, and that silence on that might make them reach the wrong conclusion. I deeply hope that...
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    Have a question about DHS? Get it answered in an upcoming interview

    I actually thought of one more question. We live in a world where making games is becoming more and more expensive. You need bigger and bigger teams of highly specialized people, working with gigantic toolsets that pile workaround on workaround, just to mask the shortcomings of polygonal...
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    New info released: Cosmology Mapping of Deadhaus' Houses

    Bonus points to those who manage to decipher the text in my fanart. (It's a completely different text. I must have come up with that. Probably. I don't remember coming up with it.) Edit: an interesting observation about the 3 mystery characters. They look approximately like this: Since the...
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    New info released: Cosmology Mapping of Deadhaus' Houses

    To be a bit more productive than reposting my shit fanart from a few years ago, let me explain that a variant of the image was used in Shadow of the Eternals. Some now-missing information was contained in that version of the image: @Golden Xan's interpretation of the triangle seems to be...
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    Making Narrative and world building sense for ingame bans

    Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean players should decide who gets banned. They can report (this doesn't even need to be an easy-to-access in-game function... maybe just by contacting a mod or whatever directly), and they may be able to come up with the "ban lore" - but not the ban decision.
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    Making Narrative and world building sense for ingame bans

    I'm also excited for how other characters would see the ban. Like, if there's an in-game explanation, the players who have met this character could see a similar notice. For example, all people who reported the now-banned character would get an in-game message informing about the character's...
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    Making Narrative and world building sense for ingame bans

    The general idea is interesting, to provide basically an "in character" reasoning for bans. I don't know if I like the contract thing. We're trying to find replacements for legalese, these don't have to be more legalese. It could just be that tapping into dark forces is really dangerous, and you...
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    Ask Away!

    Sooo either rock-paper-scissors or damage dealer-tank-healer ...or power-courage-wisdom? So many options... :P
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    Have a question about DHS? Get it answered in an upcoming interview

    You still haven't added that video to your signature?? I highly encourage it; if you do, I will add this to mine: Questions, eh? I've been meaning to ask this question, but so far it didn't feel right. Let me take a shot at it now. It's cool to see that you have perks now that folks can buy...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Heck, why not just have straight-up Kirby himself? Just differently colored balls of ultimate justice. Could be called the Star Warrior class. I'd totally main Kirby.
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    I think that's the idea anyway. I would be really curious how far this asymmetric gameplay is taken. Like how different the different playstyles really are. Because I imagine it being very, very hard to balance well. Very cool ideas, I hope we'll see something like that in the game!
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    Feedback on "Early Gameplay Walkthrough (Pre-Alpha)" video

    Regarding combos/finishers, I wonder if there's a way to disable finishers or for the players to only trigger them if they really want them. I read something about that it could be problematic if you design your game "esports-first," which seems to me what the smooth combo thing would be most...
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    What are currently playing?

    I have a vague feeling that you have posted this video before :D On topic, I'm currently not playing much :| it's disappointing, I know.
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    Character Creation Extravaganza!

    Maybe there could be simple presets combined with a "randomize" option that would create slight alterations of said presets? That is a very interesting idea! Maybe they could make it so one could tell by just looking at a character what level range they're at? E.g. stages of decay in zombies...
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    Cthulhu Wars Painting #4: Tcho Tcho Faction, Horrors, GOOs Expansion 2 & 4

    "Goo" is a very fitting shorthand for the Great Old Ones. Cool video as always.
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    Deadhaus Sonata Announced from Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain Creator Denis Dyack

    I have an ad blocker, too, and haven't noticed any problems. Honestly I don't think they're running any ads, but then I usually think the internet has no ads at all and then sometimes my ad blocker stops working and I get reminded wht the Internet looks like without it...
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    Blood Omen Legacy of Kain Review: Oct 31 - 2018

    @Kefka1134 video games definitely still are a misunderstood medium. You touched upon something that I'd like to put into perspective, that people wrongly connect the content of a game with the player's personal mindset. I'll get into that more later, but first I'd like to comment on your remark...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    GARGOYLES! And other flying types. How cool would that be, an actual flying character class in a world of games that mostly force you to stay on the ground because flying over them would break them.
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    Character Creation Extravaganza!

    CyanStargazer was just talking about a Frankenstein's Monster class in Deadhaus. That got me thinking, and rather than going off-topic and derailing that thread, I thought I'd make a new one. I just realized what it means to have an array of vastly different monster classes for player...