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    Need help for something?

    Awesome! Can't wait to read it :D
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    Need help for something?

    Hi! I know I'm not part of the company but I would like to help you with this game as much as I can. Like I said on discord, I can't do computer stuff because I'm not well versed on that matter, but maybe I could help you with world building? Or voice talent? I'm creating my very own world at...
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    Deadhaus Sonata: Legacy of Kain Special Q & A

    You can't imagine how I feel when I see a game where LoK is going to be a huge inspiration. This franchise needs a second breath and seeing Deadhaus Sonata is really exciting for me. I'll look forward to this game with great interest :D
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Hi! I'm late too in the discussion but I would like to give my ideas on the matter. Instead of just making a ghost, do a Banshee, they are fearsome and are well known around the world. Also, not an idea for a class, but if there are dragons in the game's world, consider making a dracolich as...