Deadhaus Sonata

Fight The Living

Deadhaus Sonata is a cooperative multiplayer, free-to-play Action RPG where you play the undead fighting the living.  An unstoppable force from Deadhaus, you are a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale. Launch enemies in the air and eviscerate them with elegant dance macabre. Consume your enemies to make yourself whole while exploring the grim world of Nogosaua.

Deadhaus Sonata™ development is leading on the PC and will support all major platforms.


Action Role Playing Game (ARPG)

Deadhaus Sonata™ is a third-person dungeon crawler with horde mechanics. It incorporates a system of endless loot: you can collect unlimited amounts of distinct and unique weapons, armour, and artifacts. You customize your character in a broad variety of different ways: the items and skills you use, the appearance of your character, and how your character fits into the complex political system of the world. You make choices that have a lasting, maybe even permanent, affect on your character, and potentially on the world at large.


Community-Driven Game Design

Engaging the community to contribute to the game design is a critical factor for success in the online gaming world.  The best games are made with gamers, and the best champions for the game are those people who contribute to it. There is a win-win relationship to be had here, and if done correctly we have a chance to change the way people think about how they can participate in games.


Technology: Lumberyard

State of the art technology provided by Amazon Lumberyard®: modularity, online scaleability, leading-edge rendering kernel, and Twitch integration.



Apocalypse embraces the free-to-play model because of its accessibility. This allows you to try the game and opt-in to paying for things only if you desire. This high level of accessibility increases the player base, grows our community, and helps scale all the other elements of the game. Apocalypse is dedicated to providing a gameplay experience which is fair to all players, paying and non-paying — emphasizing ethical monetary practices and not Pay-To-Win.


Twitch Integration

Twitch has become the dominant platform in the world for watching gaming. It has significantly surpassed YouTube and other social media platforms. But Twitch has the potential to go far beyond just a viewing platform: it has built-in hooks to allow for direct interaction between streamer and viewers. This form of direct engagement between different members of the Deadhaus Sonata™ community helps to maximize community engagement.



Deadhaus Sonata™ is a grim fantasy ARPG where only the darkest beings can save the world from the rot and decay of a millennium of human malfeasance. Deadhaus Sonata™ will continue the traditional narrative-driven stories seen in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain®, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem®, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes® and Too Human® . Inspired by master writers such as Steven Erikson, Thomas Ligotti, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe.


Asymmetrical Game Design

Every class in Deadhaus Sonata™ plays very differently, with each having a unique underlying combat system that separates it from the rest. The gameplay for each class is distinct, stylistically, rhythmically, and kinetically.


Multiplayer Co-Op

Deadhaus Sonata™ is built from the ground up to support 1-6 players co-op multiplayer and semi-persistent worlds, or portals, where you can play together with your friends.

Trinary Archetype System


The Sacred Trinity

Of the Necroliberatas

The Material Realm

The Realm of the Physical.  Metal, Stone, Flesh, and Bone. Master these and you will become a monster among men.

The Essential Realm

The Realm of Spirit focusing on the power of essence and cognitive sentience.  This realm is the home of the soul and Elder Gods where ancient artifacts exposed to extreme traumatic event nexuses forge into sentient beings.

The Magickal Realm

The Realm of Magick focusing on the power of True Names.  The closer to the truth you get the more powerful you become.

Seven Suns In Twilight

Half-dead bodies, blood, and tormented corpses decorated the Royal Chamber.   Shadowy figures played on instruments made of flesh, bone, and tendons accompanied by an acapella of subdued moaning by the mutilated. It was a mighty celebration of a match long overdue.

With a convoluted gesture, the cloaked figure burns a crimson sigil on the board as a white knight falls screaming with defiance and finally madness, adding to the macabre display in the chamber.

“Masterfully done.” A chill washes over the few remaining servants of the Fetid Prince as they hear his whisper.  The two great powers faced each other separated by the great board. The board was not of the usual kind that any man would understand, for this game was on the cosmic level.  The enigmatic leper smirked under his hood just enough for the Fetid Prince to sense his delight. “It is time for a change, my old friend. You have fought hard, but alas, you have lost this gambit.  The World of Seven Suns is in its twilight. It is the dawn of Islirith. Concede!”

The Fetid Prince smiled and replied, “Keeva, come hither.”  The occultist stumbled over the gore-stained floor and halted by the Fetid Prince’s side.  “What do you see?” he asked.

Keeva closed her eyes. “Master, I see black stars rising at night across a lake of blood,” she said. “A Leper King rises with masses of men chanting, as twin suns ebb in the dusk.  I see The Crimson Sign — we have lost.”

The Fetid Prince laughed then, an inhuman, maniacal laugh that reverberated in a way that defiled nature.  He raised his hand, gesturing toward her. “Look again,” he commanded. Keeva screamed as her eyes exploded from her face.  She fell and knocked over the table supporting the great board. Her mind shattered and reformed a thousand times. After a time she looked up, exposing raw flesh from empty sockets, tears of blood dripping down her face.

“I am sorry, Master, now I see.  The White Knight, dead, now reforms with hatred and animus unparalleled, ushering in a new house.   Under the shadow of the crimson sign, Deadhaus rises and its thirst cannot be quenched. New cosmologies align. It is not over, not yet.”

The head of the cloaked figure jerked toward Keeva, whose flesh turned black, vomiting as the peeling skin spread across the rest of her body, she fell to the floor a withered corpse.  “Can we play a game without you cheating?” he asked.

The Fetid Prince grinned. “The outer gods give their herald a second chance,” he declared.  “I will take it. It is not cheating but merely following my instructions from greater powers to reset the cosmology.  Surely you saw this coming.”

“My master foretold this, yes, but it does not remove the sting,” said the leper.  “Your play is even more masterfully done than mine, for the minds of humans are weak, but the minds of the dead are infallible.  You remove one of my master’s greatest strengths, but we shall still prevail. Until the next time.”

Lord Ngaztak opened his eyes, staring at stone columns. Dark shadows danced from the torches upon the gargoyles meant to protect the wounded from evil spirits. This night, though, they had failed.  His wound was nothing compared to some he had suffered in the past, but the dreams that came when he slept were strangely unsettling.

His squire claimed the wound was from a cursed weapon from a long forgotten empire, but it was so minor Ngaztak did not pay him much heed. It was a nick at best, but lo, the dreams it wrought. He was certain he had never heard of a World of Seven Suns or Islirith, so insight eluded him.  He would seek the wise council of elders or a priest to see if they could interpret these strange, unholy visions. He determined to take extra care to remove any evils this wretched weapon may have bestowed upon him.

But it would not matter.

Leading on PC and coming to all Platforms

*Platforms subject to approval

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Gothic/Lovecraftian? I’m there.

Thane -

They had me at 6 player co-op

Andrew Nosgothian: Legacy of Kain Fans Facebook Group

This is kind of huge, actually. The creator of Blood Omen making a new gothic, Lovecraft-influenced action rpg where you play as some kind of undead character. 👍

Remo Williams - Reset Era

Nice! As a huge Too Human fan, I can’t wait to see what this looks and plays like.

NLRikkert - Youtube


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EdCrane: IGN

I’ll definitely be checking this out. Eternal Darkness is an all time favourite of mine.


T. Gilbertson, Facebook


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Wow! This looks FANTASTIC so far!! I can’t wait to see more updates!!


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T. Shanahan - Twitter

I’m loving what I’m seeing and I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Great job team!

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